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Do you need a small focused website to market a product, service or event?

Using a micro-site (a small focused website) to promote a product, service or event can be a great way of maximising it’s impact. Benefits include:

  • High-impact, highly focused website
  • Help create a strong clear sales message which isn’t diluted by other products or services
  • SEO focused on the single product can improve the websites performance
  • Can be separate from your main website
  • Can be created to support a promotion.

A micro-site or well designed one-page website is often enough to establish a web presence for a newly created business. With space to say who you are, what you do and how to get in touch – wrapped in a professional design that gives you credibility and confidence to go out and sell your services. At the same time you can setup proper email accounts associated with the same domain name.

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